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Back Porch Compost Tumbler
Hydrofarm Germination Station w/ Heat Mat
Sources of Information and Products for Growing Vegetables

Whether you are an organic gardener or just wanting to improve the production of your vegetable garden, the internet has lots of valuable information.  There are websites that tell you how to plan your garden, raise transplants, identify and control diseases, can and freeze the produce and even how to save seed for the next year.  University Extension Offices are one of the best resources for information on identifying and controlling plant diseases and pests.  Below are a few links to websites that you should find useful including a site to help you locate your local University Extension Office.

List of Vegetable Garden Internet Resources
Planning a Vegetable Garden
Companion Planting
Growing your own Transplants from Seed
Organic Gardening
Heirloom Vegetables & Seed Exchange
Vegetable Garden Disease Control
Chemical and Biological Garden Pest Control
Canning & Freezing Vegetables
Saving Garden Seeds
Composting Guide
Local University Extension Offices
Gardening Forums
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